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Foods Compatible with Wine

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Foods Compatible with Wine

Did you know that humans have been making wine for over 8,000 years?  Over the years, wine has become one of the most famous drinks. It is on the list of favorite drinks in many countries, including Armenia. That is the reason why there are many and varied dishes compatible with wine in Armenian cuisine.

The fish variety is one of the most popular dishes.  As a rule, white wine goes best with fish. It is even customary to say “Red wine with meat and white wine with fish”. However, red wine can also be combined very well with fish, it depends on the type of fish and, of course, the way of preparation. At Gata trout prepared by the chef’s special recipe is a great combination with wine.  Another wine-compatible option is trout stuffed with suluguni, lemon and narsharab. A very tasty combination is a heated sterlet with vegetables.

Lovers of sweet wine will definitely like the homemade fruit wines served at Gata Tavern with flavors of pomegranate, cherry, blackberry, honey, quince, rose, and grape. Cheese is considered to be the all-time favorite wine-paired snack, and generally, cold appetizers go well with wine.  Gata Tavern has a rich selection of cold appetizers to pair with wine. Among them are cheese assorted, meat assorted, beef tongue and, of course, hummus, which is served with croutons.

Meat is also comparable to wine. If the meat is red, for example veal, then red wine can be served.  This combination is even considered useful. Several studies have shown that red wine can actually help digest meat because it has a relatively high acidity that helps the stomach break down protein.  It also helps the stomach remove potentially harmful substances contained in red meat.  In Gata tavern you can enjoy delicious Armenian bumbar, tjvjik, adana and karahunj with red wine. White wine also goes very well with meat and even better with poultry. There are many delicious poultry dishes at Gata. Among them are chicken with noodles, chicken breast with Roquefort sauce and other very delicious dishes that can be tried with white wine.

A family restaurant where you can taste delicious meat dishes, snacks and at the same time enjoy delicious homemade wines, that is Gata tavern.