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Common types of Gata and their recipes

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Common types of Gata and their recipes

Gata is a traditional Armenian pastry that has its own place in Armenian cuisine and in Armenian culture. Gata is an integral part of the festive Armenian table and has its own meaning in each holiday. It is a mandatory part of weddings, engagement events, New Year, Carnival and many other events..

Gata is made from flour, butter and sugar. Many types of gata come in different shapes and sizes, each with its own meaning and application. In addition to the classic gata with khoriz (a filling that consists of flour, butter and sugar), you will also find gatas with lemon, dates, peanuts, dried fruits, nuts, which you can taste only at Gata Tavern.

Classic gata with khoriz

The classic gata with khoiz ​​is the most popular version. It is often used in various ceremonies.  For example, during the wedding ceremony, the gata is considered a symbol of the strength of the family. During the wedding, the guests are given gata as a sign of “sweet” friendship. In ancient times, all the relatives of the bride got together on the eve of the wedding and baked gata. Interestingly, only married and happy women took part in the preparation, because they fulfilled the mission of conveying happiness to the bride. The tradition of gifting gata at weddings continues today. That is why Gata tavern offers gata with a special wedding design. The colors of the ornament symbolize the union of a man and a woman.

Gata with lemon and peanuts

Gata with lemon is presented only at Gata Tavern. It is ideal for any occasion. Gata with lemon and peanuts can be tried during the Great Lent. The 24th day of Great Lent has a special place in the church calendar, which shares the fasting period and is called Midsummer. In terms of taste, the gata of the Lent is not very different from the traditional one. Since no animal products can be used during Lent, vegetable oil is used to prepare the filling.  That is why gata with lemon and peanuts is very suitable for the Great Lent.

Gata with dried fruits

Gata with dried fruits is the most popular during the New Year’s eve because it symbolizes abundance. In ancient times, people used to put a penny in the gata. It was believed that the year would be successful for the one who got the coin. The elders of the family used to cut the gata, putting it on the back of the youngest member, and they believe that whoever gets the gata with a coin will have a successful year.

Gata Tavern is famous for its delicious gata. Here, gata has a unique taste and aroma that will make you come back again.  And the secret of the unique taste is the love with which every gata is prepared. You will always find fresh, hot gata at the Gata Tavern.