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Facts about Armenian cuisine

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Facts about Armenian cuisine

Armenian cuisine has a long history. It is diverse and unique.

The national cuisine has its own unique dishes that attract tourists around the world. Armenians are very hospitable and this makes Armenian cuisine warm and friendly.

As a result of centuries of history and diversity, the Armenian highlands have been distinguished by their unique culture. Kitchen is one of the most important sectors of culture. Armenian cuisine was formed during the era of the Kingdom of Van, when Armenians were engaged in agriculture, processing ready-made nutrients.  Armenian cuisine has a history of more than 3000 years.  Armenians always pass down the recipes of dishes from generation to generation. Over the years, recipes change, but the Armenian breath is always preserved.  For example, few people know that harissa was prepared during the sacrificial ceremony. It was cooked overnight on the low flame of the oven to be served in the morning.  Nowadays, harissa is one of the favorite dishes of Armenians.

Parallel to ancient history, Armenian cuisine has been enriched with recipes for many delicious dishes. Every region in Armenia has its own special dish.  In fact, every family has its own unique way of cooking.  For example, the Armenian Gata has several types. Every region, city has its own special recipe. Gata of Gavar region is one of the most beloved ones. It differs in its unique taste and shape.  Vana Kashovi also is one of the most delicious dishes that came down to us from Western Armenia. Among the delicious dishes is the famous Garnu yarach which is famous in Garni. It is prepared with beef and fried in tomato paste. These and many other dishes are famous in their regions and cities, but they are also prepared in Gata tavern.

We can talk about Armenian cuisine for a long time and prove that it is unique with its dishes. Armenian restaurant in Yerevan, where you can feel the Armenian breath, taste delicious Armenian dishes and be in a family environment, is Gata tavern.