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What makes Armenian cuisine unique?

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What makes Armenian cuisine unique?

Armenian cuisine has always been distinguished by its uniqueness and variety.

These features are mainly determined by historical and cultural factors. Speaking of Armenian cuisine, we can highlight the following features.


Armenian cuisine has a long history. We have managed to preserve many of the old dishes. The national cuisine includes ancient dishes such as dolma, kash, and gata. But all of these are not just meals, each of them has a special ritual meaning. You can get acquainted with Armenian traditional dishes and history at Gata tavern.

Geographical location

Both vegetarians and meat eaters will find tasty and appetizing dishes in Armenia. Due to the geographical location of Armenia, national cuisine is also special in its abundance of plants and spices. There are more than 300 types of plants that are rich in vitamins and have a unique taste. Among the most popular are mint, arugula, asparagus, spinach, thyme.

At Gata tavern, you can taste tolma, soup with aveluk, Garni yarach, which are prepared from plants and vegetables growing in the Armenian highlands. For example, dolma is made with grape vines and is one of the most popular dishes among tourists. The soup with aveluk, thanks to the aveluk, gets a unique sour taste. Garni yarak is prepared with Armenian vegetables and spices.


It is impossible to remember and describe all the dishes of Armenian cuisine, because the national cuisine is so diverse that all recipes will not fit in cookbooks. The four seasons of the year are well expressed in Armenia, and each season is distinguished by a corresponding dish. You will find your favorite dishes in Gatha tavern all year round. In winter, sour soup or khash can be considered an excellent combination. In spring, pork with fried vegetables and, of course, lamb machan with vegetables. In summer, you can try khashlama or mushrooms with suluguni cheese.

In autumn, ghapama, tanapur, or Vana pilaf, will convey autumn colors and mood to you