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The uniqueness and hospitality of Armenian restaurants

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The uniqueness and hospitality of Armenian restaurants

Armenian cuisine has always been famous for its dishes, hospitality and variety.  How can a country with a unique cuisine not have unique restaurants?  And where can you taste Armenian dishes, which restaurant should you visit in Yerevan? Gata tavern is a great place to taste Armenian dishes and get acquainted with Armenian culture at the same time. And when choosing a restaurant, not only the dishes but also the interior and environment are very important.




Armenian restaurants are distinguished by their unique interiors and hospitality. For example, the walls of the Gata tavern  are fully illustrated, and all are hand painted. The rooms are designed for you to feel the Armenian spirit and culture. Here you will find a comfortable interior and friendly service.


Family culture


When enumerating the features of Armenian cuisine, we must highlight the fact that in Armenian culture, cuisine is closely related to family and hospitality. In ancient times, only Armenians had the god of hospitality. His name was Vanatur. Gata tavern  is a family restaurant and there is always a family atmosphere.


National cuisine


In Armenian culture, the table can gather family members, friends, as well as foreigners with different cultures. There are dishes in Armenian cuisine, the preparation of which is even interesting and unifying, for example, xash, barbecue and ghapama. Armenian national cuisine is very diverse and suitable for vegetarians and meat eaters. For example, in Gata tavern, meat eaters can try tolma, barbecue, karahunj, and vegetarians can try mushrooms with suluguni cheese, tanapur and other delicious dishes. The list of national Armenian dishes is endless.


In Gata tavern, the interior is Armenian, the environment is pleasant, the dishes are delicious and juicy. In short, everything is created to get to know the Armenian cuisine, to have a good time together with friends and family.