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When to prepare the Mijink gata?

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When to prepare the Mijink gata?

The 24th day of the Great Fast is called Mijink. This period is the middle of the Fast.  It is customary to celebrate that day in Armenian life to soften the course of Lent. The midsummer festival has been celebrated in Armenian life for a very long time and is considered one of the favorite traditions.  The Great Fast is not interrupted during the midday, the keepers continue.  Even on that day they can allow themselves a little joy without violating the strict rules of Lent.  Joy should also be in moderation, because the fast continues and it cannot be broken, this also applies to the consumption of food.

In Armenian life, there is a tradition related to the median day, which is carried out in almost all families. On that day, traditional Armenian gata is prepared.  In Armenian cuisine, the Gata of the Mijink has several different recipes, because each region has its own Gata with a special recipe. It is very important that the gata does not contain food of animal origin, as this is prohibited during the Great Lent. Median day (Mijink) gata differs not only in the recipe, but also in the order of cutting and the filling. And what will be put in it is also not fixed, each region has its own symbol.

According to the tradition, on that day in families, the eldest member of the house prepares a gata, in which he puts a coin, a bean or a wooden cross and cuts it on the back of the youngest member of the house. Then the gata is distributed to all the members of the house. A piece of gata also goes to livestock, land.  Whoever gets the coin, bead, bean or wooden cross will have good luck throughout the year, and if the knife cuts through the coin, it means that the whole family will have good luck.