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Armenian cuisine is a pleasure for gourmets

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Armenian cuisine is a pleasure for gourmets

Armenian cuisine is not only dishes, but also history, culture and traditions.

This cuisine combines the tastes and aromas of the East and the West, making it unique and inimitable. If you like to eat delicious food, then you should definitely try old Armenian dishes.

Ancient Armenian dishes

Traditional Armenian cuisine is rich in various dishes. One of the most famous is the decoration of Armenian restaurants-shish kebab. The taste of Armenian shish kebab is different from any other shish kebab, it is considered an Armenian heritage.

Another popular dish is Gata, the Armenian national confectionery, which is distributed both in Armenia and in the Armenian Diaspora. Gata is baked both in a round version and in pieces. Today, Gata is used in everyday life, often served with tea or coffee.

In addition, in Armenia you can try harissa, which looks like a hard porridge. Harissa is made from wheat and meat (mainly chicken or sheep) and is a traditional Armenian dish.

Lamajo is also one of the popular dishes: this is a thin bread with a meat filling, reminiscent of Italian pizza. The basis of the dish is a thin bread pancake, on which seasoned minced meat is poured and transferred to the oven.

Armenian drinks

For famous Armenian dishes, you can also take Armenian drinks. One of the most famous is cognac, which is a strong alcoholic drink. It is produced using a special technology of distillation and aging of some grape varieties. The warm climate of Armenia provides a sweet taste of grapes, from which high-quality cognac and wine are made. Armenian drinks are known for their quality and taste.

Armenian cuisine is a real treat for gourmets. The variety of dishes, unique tastes and aromas, as well as traditions and culture make it special. If you are planning to visit Armenia, be sure to try the local cuisine. And traditional Armenian dishes can be enjoyed in a typical Armenian restaurant-tavern Gata (Tumanyan 22).