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Special Armenian dishes for meat lovers

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armenian meat dishes

Special Armenian dishes for meat lovers

Introduction to Armenian Culinary Heritage:

If you’re a meat lover looking for some delicious Armenian food options for your upcoming trip, then you’re on the right page. This guide will help you explore local flavors.

Armenian cuisine has a centuries-old history, with some recipes being over 3000 years old. The cuisine is all about tasty dishes made with lots of meat, cheeses and greens. Armenia is well-known for its fish dishes, especially the Sevan trout, which is a favorite among locals.

Sharing meals is important in Armenian culture, that’s why many dishes are designed for sharing among family and friends. The warmth and hospitality of the Armenian people are reflected in the generous servings and the joyous atmosphere that surrounds mealtime gatherings

Popular Armenian Meat Dishes

If you enjoy meat, Armenian food has some really delicious options. Let’s check out a few popular ones:

Khorovats: While pork is the most common choice for khorovats, you’ll also come across versions using lamb, beef, or chicken. The preparation is straightforward – the meat is cut into pieces and combined with a generous mix of chopped and mashed onion, salt, and spices. After marinating, the meat is grilled to perfection, creating one of the most popular dishes in Armenian cuisine.

Dolma: The mixture of meat, rice, onions and greens is wrapped in grape leaves or cabbage and then boiled in a pot of water. The version with grape leaves is usually enjoyed with yogurt.

Kufta is a dish with soft meatballs made from special meat that’s boiled in broth. First, the meat gets thinly sliced and then beaten with a special tool. After that, the resulting mix is combined with eggs, flour, salt, water and spices. This mixture is manually whipped and shaped into balls, which are then placed in warm water that gradually heats until boiling. In about half an hour, the kufta is ready.

Khash is a traditional Armenian dish enjoyed, especially during colder months. It’s a unique soup made by boiling cow’s feet and other cuts. The process involves slow cooking, often overnight, until the broth becomes gelatinous. Typically, it is seasoned with garlic, lavash and salt.

Ways to Cook Armenian Meat

Let’s talk about different ways to cook meat the Armenian way. Armenians have some cool methods for making meat taste awesome!

Grilling (Khorovats): Armenians love to grill meat, especially during family gatherings. They skewer and grill marinated meat like lamb, beef, or pork. The result is a delicious traditional dish perfect for outdoor feasts.

Stewing (Harissa): Harissa is a dish where meat, usually chicken, is slow-cooked with semolina.

Boiling (Khash): We talked about the cooking process of khash earlier.

Frying (Tzhvzhik): Tzhvzhik involves slicing beef heart, liver, lungs, and lard into pieces and frying them in a pan. Then, onion, tomato paste, salt, and pepper are added, and the whole thing is cooked until it’s just right. Before serving, greens are added for extra flavor.

Armenians sure know how to make meat tasty using these different cooking methods!