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Armenian soup։ Spas

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Armenian soup։ Spas

Armenian cuisine is a testament to its rich history and cultural heritage.

Spas is a traditional Armenian soup enjoyed for centuries by locals and tourists alike. This dish is not only delicious, but also perfectly reflects Armenian culture and history. Origins Spas was originally created in rural Armenia, where farmers used the ingredients they had. The soup was traditionally made with three main ingredients: matsun, water, and salt. 


The main ingredients of spas are matsun, water, and salt. Wheat is added to make the soup more filling. The soup is often served cold, making it an ideal dish for the hot summer months.

How to make a delicious Armenian Spas 

Spas is a dish that is relatively easy to prepare. To prepare it, one and a half cups of matsun, four cups of water, one and a half cups of wheat grits, a tablespoon of dried mint and salt to taste. First mix matsun with water and salt to get a homogeneous liquid mixture. When the grits become soft, add the herbs to the mixture.

Useful properties of spas 

The key ingredient in spas is wheat, which is rich in fiber, vitamins and minerals that help regulate digestion and promote regular heart function, as well as help improve digestion and strengthen the immune system. 

Spas is a traditional Armenian dish enjoyed by locals and tourists alike for centuries. Not only is the soup delicious, but it also perfectly reflects Armenian culture and history. Whether you’re a fan of Armenian cuisine or like to discover new flavors, Spas is a dish you should definitely try.