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Armenian dishes without meat

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Armenian dishes without meat

Armenian cuisine is renowned worldwide for its delicious and unique flavors.

One of the most prominent features of Armenian food is abundant use of meat. However, Armenian cuisine is not exclusively limited to meat-based dishes. In fact, there are plenty of flavorful Armenian dishes that are entirely vegetarian or vegan. In this blog post, we will explore some of the most delicious Armenian dishes that are free from meat.


Tanapur is one of the traditional dishes of Armenian cuisine. Tanapur is prepared from yogurt and boiled wheat or rice, cooked on slow fire, stirring constantly until boiling.

Red bean soup

In Armenian hearths, it is customary to cook red bean soup in cold weather, especially in winter months, and its roots come from Gyumri. This soup is pleasantly warming and filling. Tomato sauce and red pepper are added to the fried onion. Keep on medium heat for a few minutes, add red beans and simmer uncovered for another 20 minutes, then add boiling water to the mixture.


Aveluk is the food that foreigners have tried and fall in love with this useful product of Armenian cuisine. For its preparation, it is necessary to soak the dried leftovers for one or several hours, then drain the water and boil the leftovers in boiling, slightly salted water. Chop the boiled excess and add it to the onion mixture. Fry for a few minutes, then add chopped nuts. Serve with strained yogurt, you can also add pomegranate seeds.

Armenian cuisine is rich in flavors and unique variety. He offers many dishes for those who prefer vegetarian food. The dishes listed above are just a few examples of many delicious Armenian dishes that do not contain meat. Regardless of whether you are a vegetarian or not, or you just want to add more lean foods to your diet, Armenian cuisine will help you. Try delicious Armenian dishes and feel the unique taste of Armenian cuisine.