Gata Tavern

Gata Tavern

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Gata Tavern

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Welcome to Gata Tavern where the Armenian spirit exists: the unique and interesting solutions of hospitality, tasty dishes of the Armenian cuisine, Armenian music, songs and dances.



The Traditional Sweetness

There are tastes which reflect a certain country. In Armenia it’s the Gata which represents the country with its nation and culture. The traditional Gata is not just a dessert; it also has a valuable ritual meaning. At Gata Tavern, you will find gata of all kinds and tastes as well as their stories.

We are faithful to our values.

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Traditions are the special ornaments of history. To forget them it means to lose the Armenian spirit.

Armenian cuisine yesterday today and tomorrow

Selected samples of The Armenian cuisine at Gata Tavern



Zurna, dhol and kamancha … What can be better than a feast!


Gata Tavern


Catering, presentations, lunch and coffee breaks – all at Gata Tavern. We are waiting for you!

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