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Armenian drinks and their cultural importance

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Armenian drinks and their cultural importance

Alcoholic beverages, of course, can have a harmful effect, but their moderate use is somewhat beneficial for the body. Drinks have been popular in Armenian culture since ancient times, and Armenians have been engaged in their preparation since then.


Armenians were the first in wine production, and this is proven by facts. In addition, Armenia is the country with the oldest tradition of growing grapes. Ancient manuscripts and folk traditions prove that winemaking has been practiced in the territory of Armenia since the 15th century BC. In the works of Greek historians Herodotus and Xenophon, it is mentioned that Armenian wine was exported to neighboring countries for sale. It was of high quality and variety. Even today, winemaking in Armenia is very developed, and Armenian wine has its special place in the international market.

You can enjoy delicious Armenian wines at Gata Tavern, as well as the assortment of fruit wines. There are delicious home-made wines of pomegranate, cherry, blackberry, honey, quince, rose, grape.


The whole world is talking about Armenian cognac. The first brandy factory in Armenia was founded in 1887. By Nerses Tairyan, Yerevan. He was able to introduce Armenian brandy to the European market in a short time. Many people think that because of its pronounced flavor quality, it should be enjoyed empty without a dish, but this is not the case; There are dishes in Armenian cuisine that go well with cognac. Among them are cheese and mushroom dishes. And, in general, Armenian cognac is ideally combined with fruit and chocolate, especially peach and dark chocolate.


The specific chronology of vodka production is unknown. It is not known when vodka was first created, but it is undeniable that it was first used in medicine. Armenians are very good at producing vodka, delicious fruit vodkas that surprise everyone. Vodka is one of the favorite drinks of Armenians, it is on the list of mandatory alcoholic beverages on the Armenian table. Among the Armenian dishes, kash, barbecue, and kashlama are most compatible with vodka. You will definitely like the assortment of homemade vodka of Gata tavern, and you will simply enjoy the delicious dishes.

Fruit drinks

Fruit drinks, which we call compotes, are very popular in Armenian cuisine. It is of Slavic origin and is prepared from various fruits and berries. The drink is Slavic, but it is prepared in almost all Armenian families. Due to the geographical location of Armenia, Armenia is rich in fruits and berries. That is one of the reasons why compotes are very popular in Armenia, especially in winter. You can taste delicious Armenian compotes in Gata tavern: peach, quince, honey, cherry, etc.